Texting Worse than Talking on Mobile Phone While Driving

As I’m sure most are aware the act of using a mobile phone whilst in control of a moving vehicle is a seriously dangerous act, and one would say that Texting or talking on a mobile phone when driving would hold the same chances of crashing your vehicle.

However according to a new study by the University of Utah, researchers have found that texting on a mobile phone when driving is more dangerous that taking on a mobile phone while at the wheel reports an article over on sfgate.

The research was based on studying behaviours in a driving simulator and showed that texting drivers had more crashes, showed worse forward and lateral control and responded slowly to the break lights of vehicles in front of them.

Thus texting when in control of a vehicle has emerged as the most urgent of driver distractions as texting means the driver has to switch their attention from one task to another whereas talking on a mobile phone means you try to divide your attention between talking and driving and texting led to a substantial increase in the risk of a crash.

Basically it all boils down to the fact that when you are driving your attention should be centred only on driving and the road and not on your mobile phone, so don’t do it and be safe on the roads.