Not Too Bright Mobile Phone Thief Gets Caught

Well this particular one isn’t too bright anyway. One would expect a thief to have their wits about them when using the mobile phone they have stolen but not former England under 16 billiard champion turned mobile phone thief, Peter Gamblin.

According to an article over on the Telegraph, 24 year old Gamblin was arrested for mobile phone theft when the owner of the handset rang up the phone, and Gamblin actually gave the owner his name and address…now how thick is that?

Gamblin actually denied the robbery and told Lincoln Crown Court he was at his sister’s house; however, 25 minutes later the jury convicted him, and judge Ebrahim Mooncey granted bail while probation reports where prepared but he warned Gamblin to expect a custodial sentence in the New Year.

Just goes to show that these thieves are not all that bright and do make mistakes; I’m still puzzled what on earth possessed Gamblin to answer the call and give the owner his name and address, seems really stupid to me.

Image via sxc.hu