Video: Very Unusual Unboxing of the Nokia N900

What we have for your viewing pleasure today is a very unusual unboxing, an unboxing of the Nokia N900, and certainly a unique unboxing way I have never seen before as the Nokia N900 comes in what is called a “hack box.”

The hack box is a shiny black cube wherein sits the Nokia N900 and apparently the only way to get inside is to hack your way in with a computer. Therefore the unboxing starts off by connecting the hack box to a laptop via USB, and then you need to enter the unlock command, once done the lid pops up in a cloud of smoke.

The video unboxing of the Nokia N900 comes courtesy of tracy and matt, and lasts almost 20 minutes and shows us all the gear inside including for some strange reason a small plastic fox, your guess is as good as mine on that one.

Anyway enough of me, I’ll leave you to check out the very unusual unique unboxing video of the Nokia N900 which you will fine below, hit it up and enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Video: Very Unusual Unboxing of the Nokia N900”

  1. Mr Knowitall says:

    Very cool – total waste of time if you ask me. You’re the type of person that makes food manufacturers add in colourings!

    If I got a box like that, I’ll grab the nearest knife!

  2. Frank MacGill says:

    Wow. That unboxing is so cool. Nokia is really cool. I can’t believe how cool they are. They really are 100 times more cooler than Apple. All Apple has is a phone. Nokia has got a huge shiny black box that you have to plug in to a PC before you can open it and get your phone out. I wish all my boxes had to be plugged in to a computer before I could open them. This is so cool! Nokia is really cool now. I bet their executives are really young and really cool.