Vodafone: iPhone not a price war but network war

If you are in the UK and were expecting an iPhone pricing war to emerge when Vodafone offered the iconic iPhone then all hopes of said pricing war have been dashed as Vodafone delivered their pricing of the iPhone which basically falls in line with other rivals reports the Independent.

As we are all now aware, Vodafone will offer the iPhone as of the 14th of January, thus losing out on the Christmas iPhone revenue, which seems oddly surprising, and you can view their pricing (here)

Execution analyst, Andrew Hogley has said that there are no signs of any price war at the moment, while CCS Insight analyst, Ben Wood says; iPhone customers will be disappointed that Vodafone has kept in line with rival pricing, but it isn’t surprising.

The head of Vodafone’s UK business, Guy Laurence has stated Vodafone has been preparing their network to deliver “speed and reliability” which is something our customer’s value. Wood stated that when marketing the iPhone Vodafone will probably focus on their network coverage and quality.

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