RIM BlackBerry Phones outsell Nokia in Europe

Recent checks by MKM Partners analyst show that RIM’s BlackBerry phones are now outselling comparable Nokia models in Europe, probably some dumb moves in smartphones may have hindered Nokia’s top position.

The weak product lineup from Nokia and software problems with fading rival Sony Ericsson phones are now giving RIM Research in Motion a rare gap in Europe. Rim has reported staggering earnings in a report on Thursday which indicate that North American smartphone vanguard, RIM, Apple and Motorola may well be expanding significantly.

BlackBerry maker RIM have reported a record 37% of it’s third quarter revenue has actually come from overseas sales. According to MKM Partners analyst “Europeans are finally making a real difference in RIM’s financial performance”.

The leader in the big touchscreen, Apple has recently saturated the US market and now they are enjoying a rapid international expansion. as we all know the iPhone has been a huge hit especially in places like Japan and France. It seems that the main problem with Nokia has been the stubborn adjustment to the growing touchscreen trend. Source – thestreet.com

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