Mozilla Firefox Browser on Nokia N900, iPhone long wait

Apparently the very first mobile phone version of the extremely popular web browser Firefox is only days away from it’s launch that’s according to the head of the project Jonathan Fildes as told to the BBC.

The browsers codename is Fennec and will initially be available for Nokia’s N900 phone and then followed by other handsets as Fildes reports. It is going through the final testing and could actually be released by the end of the year, said Jay Sullivan at Mozilla the group behind Firefox.

There is also developments for versions for Microsoft Windows Mobile and also Google’s Android operating system. It is likely to still be some time though before iPhone users would be able to use the browser.

Apple is very restrictive when it comes to other browsers as it doesn’t allow them, as it is a pretty closed platform we don’t see that happening soon states Fildes. Fennec has been developed over the last year and a half and the new software has many features of the desktop version. to find out more visit macdailynews.com

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