GUI WiFi Tethering Comes to Droid via Hack

When it comes to tethering, the Motorola Droid isn’t an I Do, but more of an I Don’t, but some people out there have managed USB tethering possible with the Motorola Droid but what about GUI based WiFi tethering?

Well according to an article over on the gadgets, is is now possible to do GUI WiFi based tethering on the Motorola Droid via a hack and the technique doesn’t require the user to run shell commands for everyday use.

Apparently you can now operate WiFi tethering right from the GUI, as a user over on droidforums has built a custom image of Android firmware 2.0.1 for the Motorola Droid.

However you do need to root your Motorola Droid and install a custom kernel along with a custom recovery image, and if you wish to attempt this, the full guide to do so can be found over at droidforums, but do come back and let us know how you get along.

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