iPhone Wallace & Gromit Comic hits 500,000 Downloads

The cartoon Wallace & Gromit has always been popular, and now the Wallace & Gromit e-comic published by Titan on the iPhone has now been downloaded in excess of 500,000 times announced Titan according to an article over on mobile-ent.

Titan has stated that the popularity of the first free episode helped the subsequent four paid episodes hit the Top 20 paid applications chart in the UK.

Furthermore, the Wallis & Gromit application is the top free book download over in the United States iPhone App Store, and if you fancy grabbing Wallis & Gromit it is a free download for a limited time.

Editor of Digital Comics, Ned Hartley has said that they are amazed at how well their first application has done and that Wallis & Gromit is a great brand and one that iPhone users seem to love.