BBC iPlayer on mobile is better after Watershed time

Apparently most mobile phone users who access the BBC iPlayer do so after the watershed time of 9:30pm which shows that most mobile phone users prefer to log on late in the evening to catch up with any programs they may have missed reports techradar.

Furthermore it appears that the most popular day for mobile phone users to access the BBC iPlayer is on a Sunday for some reason, although the BBC wouldn’t confirm which programs mobile users were viewing.

Although the most popular time for iPlayer is after 9:30 for mobile users the 2nd most watched iPlayer time is in the mornings with access being between the hours of 7:00am and 10:00am.

Currently the BBC iPlayer is available to 22 mobile phones which include the Nokia N97 and the Sony Ericsson W995, and although no official figures of mobile phone use were released it does show that more mobile people are using their mobile phone to access content on demand.