RIM makes available BlackBerry Messenger

Although there seems to be messaging problems on the BlackBerry network at the moment meaning users can’t send or receive messages via BlackBerry Messenger, Research In Motion has now made available a new version of BlackBerry Messenger.

According to an article over on crackberry, BlackBerry Messenger version is now available to download through the BlackBerry Messenger download website.

They say that this new release is just a maintenance release and that there are no major changes expected to be included in the download.

They also say you should still grab the update, but it is difficult to say if it will fix any issues currently being experienced. So if you do download BlackBerry Messenger and find anything now let us know by dropping us a comment.


6 thoughts on “RIM makes available BlackBerry Messenger”

  1. Deniz says:

    the size of the font is too small on the main messenger screen. I can barely read the little letter above the check mark indicateding whether my message has been D (delivered) or A (accepted)

  2. nathalie says:

    Well like in the previous updates, I have 150 contacts in blackberry messenger and my status message doesn’t change, in other words I change my status message and the other people dont see me status message also doesn’t appears in the recent updates. What I can do?, thanks

  3. Morgano says:

    I have 170 Contacts and currently using the I have problems with statuses and profile pictures. My contacts either see an old status or an old picture. ANy solutions to this headache?

  4. shorty says:

    I have found that I can’t see most of my contacts status updates or avaliablity, my friends also experience the same thing. Is there a solution or are RIM working on this for the next update?

  5. lulu says:

    I have been geeting the same problem on the new bold…. I am not able to update my status message, and when I do, it doesn’t show up on my friends recent updates not mine.. But when I view my profile its there.. Help?

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