Will Smartphone Data Networks Cope with Christmas Demand?

As you are probably aware, BlackBerry users are experience yet more problems with accessing email, and is the second time in under a week. Over the weekend, the iPhone apparently also experienced data network problems and Twitter users in the UK were reporting data network access was down on two days, reports an article over on daniweb.

Apparently with the iPhone attempts to access applications that require a data connection were met with an error message that said “could not activate cellular data network.”

According to O2 the problem was a fault with the allocation of IP addresses, and apologised for any inconvenience much the same as Research In Motion has done over the BlackBerry outages.

So with two of the top smartphones experiencing data network problems the question arises that will they be able to cope with data usage over the Christmas period? Recently there has been quite a bit of speculation that these mobile data network problems are down to too many people wanting to use it.

Whatever the amount of mobile data is being used at the moment is surely to rise considerable during Christmas and the New Year and one does wonder if the networks will be able to cope with it all, what do you think?

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