AT&T iPhone online sales stop: Is its network up to it?

Concerns were kept very alive regarding the issues surrounding AT&T’s network and whether or not it is up to the task of handing smartphone traffic in some of the largest U.S cities as a brief halt occurred in online sales of the Apple iPhone.

Eager customers who attempted to shop online for an iPhone through AT&T’s website, after entering their zip codes, mainly in areas around New York City, were faced with the response that the device was unavailable during the period 27th December through to the afternoon of the 28th.

The explanation offered by AT&T was kept very brief and Apple also kept very hush hush. AT&T spokesman Fletcher Cook had stated in a message “we periodically modify our promotion and distribution channels”.

AT&T has recently come under a lot of criticism for the quality of its network coverage, Verizon Wireless has recently alleged that AT&T’s network is ill equipped to handle the constant demands of modern 3G smartphones such as the iPhone. Currently AT&T are the exclusive U.S provider of iPhone service. Source- businessweek.com