Apple Stock Price rises to record $211.61

The maker of the iPhone and Macintosh computer Apple, climbed to an amazing record high of $211.61 on the NASDAQ following the report that sales of the devices may well have surged over the Christmas holiday.

Rising by 1.2% making the 6th straight day in increases. Apple’s shares have more than doubled in the year. Software downloads for Apple’s devices also increased by 51% in December from the previous month of November according to research firm Flurry Inc. This implies that sales of the iPhone and iPod touch jumped during the holiday season.

Apple offers more than 100,000 applications on its iTunes store giving both its phones and its media devices and edge over rivals, Google Inc, who’s Android operating system runs phones made by Motorola Inc and HTC Corp has around 12,000 applications.

And Apple’s downloads just continue to grow at the most staggering rates according to Peter Farago a spokesman for San Francisco based Flurry, iPod Touch devices must have flooded the market over Christmas. The 51% increase compares with just 22% for Android downloads states Flurry. For more information visit businessweek.com

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