Would Microsoft suffer if Google gets Mobile Sync right?

Sync in the mobile world is already a big thing, and looks set to be even bigger in 2010. Acccording to an interesting article over on betanews, Apple, Google and Amazon are sync leaders as of now, but Microsoft is a player but competing in the wrong game.

Microsoft licensed ActiveSync to Google and Google immediately used it for such things as contact, calendar and email sync from its cloud to Windows Mobile handsets and the iPhone, and sync is apparently quickly defining Google’s mobile phone and mobile cloud strategies.

Google is pushing out sync and real time notifications to their services and delivering means to developers in Android and Chrome to easily tap into the functionalities, and it’s just a matter of time until Google uses sync services in tandem with mobile phone location services.

With Apple, their MobileMe delivers mobile sync to the iPhone and cloud which according to the author is where it belongs, and thus push address book, email and calendar sync works well. Apparently sync is the “glue” which binds cloud and mobile phones which will hit maturity in 2010.

They all get it but Microsoft isn’t apparently getting it fast enough, and sync will be the defining tech of 2010. Microsoft’s sync strategy is scattered across consumer products but centres in enterprise and that can’t make up for what is missing, which is a solid sync service, mobile OS and device strategy.

So if Google gets Mobile Sync right will Microsoft Suffer? What are your views, feel free to drop us a comment in the area below.

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