Google Nexus One Bluetooth Desktop Dock revealed by FCC

Slowly we are seeing more information hit the net waves concerning Google’s latest mobile, the Nexus One. This time in the form of a desktop dock for the Nexus One which packs Bluetooth connectivity according to documentation with the FCC reports android community.

Although it was expected that the next news on the Nexus One would be some official confirmation coming out of Google, it appears that Nexus One accessories are coming to the forefront, as would be expected as the Nexus One is due to hit in a few days.

Apparently the submission to the FCC for their approval of a desktop Bluetooth dock for the Nexus One was submitted by HTC the manufacturer of the Android handset, and has a model name of CR B410.

There’s not a great deal of info, but it is expected to sport Bluetooth and will also have the ability to charge the Nexus One and possible sync via USB with a computer. More as and when we find out.

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