Confirmed: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5.3, focus on version 7

It has now been confirmed that Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5.3 is out there and a possible release is imminent, the question is “Why?”

There is an entry that appears on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Developer Center that details Widget development for Windows Mobile, apparently and according to neowin.net touchable tiles will replace soft keys.

We can see this being announced at the CES 2010 event by Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, he is also said to be holding a press conference with Sprint and LG where a new WiMax smartphone will be unveiled.

Please let us know if you think Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5.3 is a good thing or a bad thing, many are saying that it is a pointless build and that MS should just concentrate on a Windows Mobile 7 Build. What do you think?


One thought on “Confirmed: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5.3, focus on version 7”

  1. Julie Featherstrom says:

    Is 6.5.3 going to be more piecemeal conversions to a capacitive interface? Each revision seems to get one more menu or app page converted to be used on a multi-touch screen.

    My older apps still need a stylus. The HTC HD2 has already shown it is no good for these. The major part of Windows Mobile app library still needs a stylus pen to function. How are these going to get rewritten for a new interface?

    I guess if you’re going to change the interface, you may as well do the whole lot in one go. I think the bit-by-bit approach will please no one.

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