Windows Mobile 6.5.3 has new native keyboard

It appears that there is a new refined on-screen keyboard on its way to Windows Mobile 6.5 as the guys over on xda-developers have managed to get their mitts on Windows Mobile 6.5 build 28002, and for the moment they are naming it Windows Mobile 6.5.3.

In this new Windows Mobile build there is a new designed virtual keyboard, and as the default on-screen keyboard in Windows Mobile wasn’t particularly finger friendly maybe this new version will be better suited for the fingers.

HTC and other shave of course delivered better solutions to the WinMo virtual keyboard, but it does look like Windows Mobile has finally got with the game ad this will be a better than before native keyboard offering.

The xda guys do remark that the BackSpaces look to be backwards, but it is still a very nice looking skin and with the source being a DLL file, they can customise the look easily.


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