Motorola Motus may come out to play as Motorola Backflip

Remember that blurry image of the supposed Motorola Motus? Well according to cellpassion, Motorola has now registered the name “Backflip” at the Trademark and Registration Office of the European Union with a trademark number of 008461725.

They believe that the Blackflip goes well with the design of the Motorola Motus and therefore wouldn’t be surprised if the Motorola Motus came out sporting the Motorola Backflip handle.

The Motorola Motus/Backflip features a unique design whereby the keypad gets stowed on the back of the handset and flips into position when required. Apparently an anonymous tipster has made it know that the handset will sport specifications similar to that of the Motorola Dext.

Other specs the tipster mentioned were that the handset will pack Android 1.5 operating system and is apparently scheduled for a Q1 2010 launch. So what do you think, Motorola Motus or Backflip? Which would you prefer Moto to use?


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