Nokia Complains About Apple Infringements to International Trade Commission

Looks like Nokia is stepping up the action over their alleged Apple infringing of Nokia patens, as Nokia has now made an official complaint to the International Trade Commission claiming Apple practically infringe all of Nokia’s mobile phones, computers and music players reports prnewswire.

Nokia is claiming Apple infringes on 7 patens which relate to Nokia’s “pioneering innovations” which they say Apple has used to create key features in Apple products.

The General manager, Patent Licensing for Nokia, Paul Melin has said that Nokia’s action is about protecting the results of pioneering development, and the ITC complaint is about Apple building their business on propriety innovations by Nokia.

So it would appear that Nokia isn’t going to back down easily on this one, and I’m sure there will be a great deal of legal wrangling to come. Next move goes to Apple I believe.


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