O2 to spend Millions in 2010 on Network Coverage

Well actually the figure O2 will be investing in 2010 on network coverage will be in the “hundreds of millions of pounds” in a bid to prevent another round of service outages experienced in 2009, reports an article on the Daily Mail.

Ronan Dunne, the chief exec of O2 UK has apologised to O2 customers in London that were intermittently unable to make calls from their mobile phones as the O2 network was “swamped with traffic.”

Apparently the O2 network has been overwhelmed by an “absolute explosion” of people surfing the net or using a smartphone like the iPhone to download apps claimed an O2 spokesperson.

Thus O2 will invest heavily during 2010 to make sure their customers receive uninterrupted connection. It does appear that these network outages are becoming more and more as more smartphones hit the public, one wonders just how long operators will be able to cope.

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