Usage Patterns of iPhone and Android About the Same

The iPhone verses Android, a continuing battle of which is best, but apparently there is at least one area where they both almost come out the same and that is in usage patterns according to an article over on emarketer who compared Complete and comScore data.

According to the recent study, mobile media usage came out at the iPhone pulling in 94 percent while Android pulled in 92 percent; as for news via a mobile browser, iPhone claimed 80 percent and Android had 80 percent.

Application usage also comes out exceedingly close with the iPhone at 83 percent while Android has 82 percent; as for social networking usage, the iPhone has 58 percent while Android has 52 percent, and when it comes to instant messaging the iPhone has 43 percent but Android pulls in 46 percent.

The largest difference between the two smartphones comes with email usage with the iPhone drawing 87 percent while Android only manages 63 percent. But it does look like the divide between the iPhone and Android is closing.

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