iPhone, NYC and AT&T What Are They Up To?

I’m sure you are aware that the other day AT&T stopped offering the availability of the iPhone as an online purchase option in the NYC area as we reported (here). Well now according to an article on the AP, AT&T has now done a u-turn and are again offering the iPhone online in the NYC area.

It was speculated that AT&T initiated the ban in NYC to lessen data traffic as they have been experiencing problems, then again it was also stated the NYC ban was initiated as AT&T periodically modifies their distribution channels.

Then there was the AT&T rep who stated that NYC can’t handle the iPhone due to not enough towers being in the area.

So what’s changed? Has AT&T miraculously erected enough towers to handle the iPhone? Has AT&T decided it was just a bad move to ban iPhone online sales in NYC? Just what is AT&T up to with this ban and the next un-ban of the iPhone in NYC?

Any ideas?

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