WebOS upgrades for Pre & Pixi announced by Palm

Palm announced earlier this week version 1.3.5 of WebOS the operating system for both the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi smartphones. The update contains some great changes to the operating system.

WebOS 1.3.5 doesn’t include any new applications or utilities, but changes that users have been begging for have been taken on board. The ability to use all of the storage capacity of the phone for application downloads and improvements to the battery life.

There have also been changes made to the Palm App Catalog which make it easier for users to download new apps and updates. That’s where most of the changes have taken place, the user experience has been updated, and users can now download apps from the App Catalog in the background.

Palm users can now also perform a full erase of their device with a simple button combination. Certain services in areas which have poor coverage will be turned off to boost battery life. Sprint are pushing the WebOS 1.3.5 update and it is now available to both Palm Pre and Pal Pixi owners right now. To find out more visit appscout.com