HD Voice to be launched by Orange 2010

An announcement has been made today, yep New Years Eve by Orange that it will be placing huge emphasis on network call quality during 2010 with the upcoming launch of high definition voice.

It is described as being crystal clear and superior sound quality. According to Orange this will set a new standard for the industry, some would say so could shouting into two yoghurt pots connected with a piece of string.

HD voice uses the WB-AMR (wideband adaptive multi rate) speech codec, which provides the potential for much better audio quality thanks to a larger wider bandwidth of 50-7000Hz.

The current narrowband is 300-3400Hz. Orange are proud to leading the industry into the next decade by this announcement in voice innovation and claim that this will transform the mobile experience for customers in the UK. To find out more on this story visit trustedreviews.com

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