Do you trust them with your smartphone? 02

The chief executive of 02 Ronan Dunne has said that he is disappointed with the way that the company’s network has performed for customers in the London area over the past few months.

He has blamed this on the expanding usage of smartphones, which he claims are slowing down the network. Apparently 02 are investing in more base stations modifying it’s network infrastructure and also liaising with smartphone manufacturers in a desperate attempt to find a better way to deal with the load which is being put on networks.

It would seem quite obvious that network reliability is going to be a key issue for 2010. Up until just recently 02 were the only network in the UK to be able to offer the iPhone. As we all know iPhone users consume more mobile data than that of users of any other handset.

Rival manufacturers are now catching up fast with the iPhone. Palm Pre (another 02 exclusive) the Motorola Milestone or Droid the Nokia 900 or of course the BlackBerry Bold they are decent smartphones everywhere now days. Lets not of course forget the arrival soon of the Google Nexus One expected to appear next month. Source – blogs.telegraph.co.uk