Verizon to launch the Palm Pre 3 at CES 2010

Well here we are right at the start of a new year and here is some really exciting new year news regarding Palm.

Apparently it has been reported that Palm will be revealing the third generation of the Palm Pre next week at CES 2010. Press invites have apparently already been sent out by Palm for a conference which will take place n January 7th.

It isn’t crystal clear as to what exactly will be covered at the conference but the most obvious answer is of course the Pre 3. Rumors are in full flow again and as you should be aware there has been talk about a Verizon Pre for some time now.

Earlier in the week we had heard that the Pre and the Pixi would be coming to Verizon. An updated version of the Pre is very much needed. What can we expect? maybe Big Red selling the Pre 1 for $99 the Pixi being offered free wit a contract and the Pre 3 going for around $199. Source – i4u.com


4 thoughts on “Verizon to launch the Palm Pre 3 at CES 2010”

  1. thom says:

    there isn’t even a pre 2 so how can you say they will launch a pre 3 ? Many articles have pointed out that it will be called the pre plus and thé palm pre and pixi are 2 totally ifferent headsets

  2. PreMaster says:

    Awww man i cant wait. I only hope that the pre 3 will also come for sprint. Man sprint needs to get their gear together. They got this awesome phone and cant even sell it. i love my pre and cant wait for the next one. i just hope vz doesnt lock this one down. Then again with this platform nothing can really be locked down. Long Live PRE!

  3. 1st lady says:

    I don't get it. The P3 has been announced and I would buy it today! But I can't – it's not available. Why would I buy a P2 with the P3 standing off stage? Are you guys really serious. Release the P3 now. People will be spending money over the next 30 days – Tax refunds – get it?

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