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Over here in the UK the use of a mobile phone without a hands-free option is illegal, but the law continues to be flouted by many and the number who still use a mobile phone is on the increase despite a possible fine if caught.

Over in the US, some states have outlawed the use of a mobile phone when driving, but this needs to go nationwide. The reluctance to go nationwide with a mobile ban when driving is probable due to it being difficult to enforce, so if you can’t enforce it, the next best thing is to educate on the dangers.

Thus is the aim of Distraction.gov, a newly formed website which aims to educate drivers on the dangers of using a mobile device while at the wheel. Although most of the public is aware of the dangers but ignore them; Distraction.gov is packed with stats and facts on the dangers, and hopes to get the message across.

We have a short informative video for your viewing pleasure courtesy of the guys over at engadget, which can be viewed below that does deliver the message so hit it up and check out the message don’t text or call when driving.


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