Nexus One coming January 5th with T-Mobile

The Google Nexus One manufactured by HTC for Google is expected to be nothing other than a high end smartphone, that will be competing with the likes of Apple and it’s iPhone and Motorola with it’s Droid.

Listening to the rumours based on documents that have been leaked we can expect the Nexus One to be priced at $179.99 with a two year contract with T-Mobile. Don’t fancy the contract then it will set you back $529.99.

The monthly plan offered by T-Mobile is $80 and that gives you 500 minutes of tak time unlimited text messages and the Internet. We are expecting that Google may come up with something other than the $80 monthly plan.

The questions being asked are whether Google will actually offer a free ad supported calling plan. Further rumors are about an exclusive plan integrating Google Voice and Gizmo 5. Source – khabrein.info


One thought on “Nexus One coming January 5th with T-Mobile”

  1. benjamin Richardson says:

    They could replace your ringer with ads. so instead of hearing a ring tone when people call you or you put them on hold it gives ads. but thats an interesting idea non the less.

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