$20 Billion in iPhone Revenue for 2010 say Analyst

Seems like Apple has some big revenue plans for 2010 and the managing director of Mcquarie Research, Phil Cusick, has stressed that Apple is a good investment in the current market reports an article over on 9to5mac.

Cusick put a target of $250 on Apple stock, with CNBC’s Simon Hobbs stating “That’s a hella’va call…20% upside from here?”

Cusick believes Apple will climb some 25% in its current financial year and states that the real number to watch is the NON-GAAP figure which is closer to what Apple will report in 2010 when they shift accounting a little.

Brian Marshall, a Broadpoint AmTech analyst estimates the iPhone will bring in $20 billion to Apple’s revenue during 2010. Just so you can get the full spec here we have a video on the subject for your viewing pleasure which can be watched below.

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