500 Million Mobile Phones to be sold in 2010 by Nokia

In an interview, Rick Simonson, mobile phone unit chief for Nokia has stated that in 2010 Nokia will ship in excess of 500 million handsets over 3 platforms, which is roughly 40% of the global market share reports an article over on Reuters.

In November Reuters conducted a poll whereby analysts average predictions was Nokia would shift 458 million mobile phones in 2010.

However, a spokesperson for Nokia has stated that Simonson’s comment is not a new forecast, and Nokia’s last forecast was given on the 2nd of December 2009.

On the other hand, Simonson’s comment did help Nokia shares to go up roughly 3%. Simonson, who stepped down as CFO in October 2009 also says he expects about half of the mobile phone operating systems in use to survive the competitive global market.

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