Motorola Droid Battery Covers Free from Verizon

Many Motorola Droid owners have been experiencing problems with loose battery covers on their Droid handset, a problem which can be annoying at best, but it would appear Verizon Wireless is at least trying to solve the issue.

According to an article over on ubergizmo, Verizon Wireless is offering a free replacement battery cover for the Motorola Droid including overnight shipping; the usual price for said Motorola Droid battery covers are $5.00.

Have to mention though as the replacement Droid battery covers are free from Verizon they have quickly run out of stock, which isn’t very surprising, and currently there’s no word on when Verizon will replenish Droid battery cover stock.

So if you have a Motorola Droid smartphone and experiencing battery cover problems then it may just pay to keep your eye on the Verizon Wireless website for that new stock.