20 Retail Partners for Vodafone UK iPhone Launch

On the 14th of this month, Vodafone UK is to begin offering the iconic iPhone through their direct channels, and now Vodafone UK has confirmed 20 indirect retail partners to offer the iPhone as well, reports an article over on mobilenewscwp.

These 20 Vodafone partners are ten ‘premier partners’ which connect customers directly with Vodafone UK, and ten ‘gold partners,” that will go via Vodafone subsidiary Yes Telecom.

Vodafone’s premier partners are…Garnell Corporate Comms in London; CBS Comms Centre in Cambridge; CCS Mobile in Newcastle; Cellular Solutions & Services in Brighton; Premier Telecom in Fareham; Grapevine in Poole and Bath; Excaliber Communications in Swindon; Totel in Derby; The Word Direct in Cardiff and The General Telephone Co in Salisbury, Bath and Yovil.

The ten gold partners via Yes Telecom are…Premier Mobile in London; Olive in London; Totility in Croydon; Redsquid in Borehamwood; Sprint Communications in Basildon; Wish Communications in Northampton; Pure Mobile in Northampton; Active Telecom in Northumberland; Fone Solutions in Newcastle; and JHL Communications in Glasgow.

Alex Windle, head of indirect marketing for Vodafone UK has said that Vodafone is the first to launch the iPhone via all sales channels at once; our dealer partners are essential to our strategy in this sector.


30 thoughts on “20 Retail Partners for Vodafone UK iPhone Launch”

  1. Disgruntled of Wales says:

    I would strongly advise NEVER using Wish Communications. They are absolutely horrendous!

    1. Mr Unhappy customer says:

      I’m just having Major issues with Wish Communications at the moment. Awful doesnt even begin to cut it.

  2. Bob1963 says:

    I’ve been wish Wish a number of years and would’nt go anywhere else, my account manager is now a good friend !

  3. Bob1963 says:

    I’ve been wish Wish a number of years and would’nt go anywhere else, my account manager is now a good friend !

  4. angry and let down says:

    wish communications are rip off merchants, horrendous customer services, we have been lied to constantly and hung out to dry, they promise the world and provide zilch

  5. Ryedaleburners says:

    Wish started off very good to us and we got to know our account manager well. We are now on our 5th or 6th manager who doesn’t know a thing. We are currently having a complete nightmare with them as they have put us on a completely useless service, cut off our broadband and seem to be ignoring us to sort it out! Customer service is smug at best and completely useless at worst.

  6. I "Wish" I hadn't! says:

    Agree 100% with other posters here, Wish should be on Rogue Traders, promising everything then denying they ever agreed to things and using small print to get out of their obligations. Watch out for their sales guy Jamie Redknapp especially!

  7. Paul says:

    We experienced similar problems. ‘Promised the earth and delivered nothing. Total rip off!
    It has cost us dearly

  8. Mark says:

    I’ve just arrived at the 1 year sting with Wish Comms, ouch! My monthly costs have gone up by an extra £150 with no warning and it was NEVER EVER EVER mentioned at the point of sale. Can anyone who posted an older post on here let me know how they got on fighting their corner? it’d help me greatly.

    1. MJS says:

      Yes about the same time as you, I got caught on a four phone deal for 30 a month…no reason to assume that this was ridiculously cheap..this is not my field of expertise. Beginning of year two cost went up to 230 a month…this would cripple man y smaller businesses. Ended up going to Ombudsman and they ruled in my favour but I can’t buy back the time and worry this caused me.

  9. Danielle says:

    I have a similar problem with Wish. I am taking it further with Ofcom. We should all do this and then we can drive these scammers out of the market. Also complain to Vodafone,

  10. ian says:

    wish are crap, they charge massive cancelation fees even if you pay your contract off in full, i had 7 phones off then and left 3 months early they are trying to charge me over 3400 pounds? absolute rubbish

  11. Enraged says:

    If anyone is thinking about using Wish Communications… DON’T. You will be trapped into a new contract every year. You have been warned. I am having problems with my contract with Vodafone. they are charging me £219 a month!. I am going to the Ombudsman to get this sorted out. This is a real con.. Never Vodafone.

  12. Herowl says:

    I am just experiencing what everyone else is saying on here. I have been told from various WISH staff that I have been mis-sold yet I receive a letter from them today saying that I haven’t. 12mths ago I signed for 6 phones (3 taken over from BT, the others are basic handsets) for £70/mth now they want £265/mth just for line rental. I’m outraged!!! Vodafone have advised me to cancel my DD and call them every month and just pay at my original discount….. now I’m just going to sit back and wait for the Court Letters and play them at their own game…… I have posted a couple of times on the WISH FB page but I think it would be a good idea if we set up our own ANTI-WISH FB group so that we can keep posted on the outcome.

  13. happy customer says:

    I have been with Wish now for years and they have always delivered, keep up the good service guys!

  14. Danie says:

    We have to make a stand regarding mobile phone contracts. We need to stop WISH. Do not do business with them. Do not use Vodafone either.

  15. Phone Guy says:

    I’m a senior consultant for a communication provider and have come across Wish many times! Most of the times they have ripped off their customers to the extent of becoming fraud! This is how they work……….

    say you need 10 phones, basic phones. The sales rep will offer you around 10 “spare” sims to “pop” in your drawer in case you need them. With the 12 month discount the deal seams ok, until month 12 when you start paying for all those sims “in the drawer”!!

    If you resign for another 2 years at that point, then discount applies again, until 12 month time. So what they are doing is locking into something that would cost an arm and a leg to come away from, lesser of 2 evils as such.

    Also, they make so much money from the extra sims they give you, they are rolling in it now!

    Vodafone have now removed the mid contract resigns which has lead Wish to shut the Wales office.

    The only way I have advised me clients to get out of these contracts is to contact Vodafone direct and advise of legal action unless matter is resolved due to fraud and mis-selling. They should put you on a 30 day rolling contract, then it’s up to you….should you stay or should you go?

    I wish (no pun intended) you all the best with your contracts and will visit from time to time to help with any questions.



    1. Danie says:

      What about the termination charges? I have received a bill for over £5000 from Wish and may be the same amount from Vodafone. Vodafone cancelled my contract because they could not sort it out with Wish. What help is there? Thx

  16. Unhappy Charity says:

    Wish give a discounted first year, so your bills will be a little lower then if you get a contract from elsewhere. After the first year the discount is gone and the real price is the payable, unless you sign a new two year contract. Be be warned…. Our bill has gone up by £275 ex VAT. I asked what the termination would be and was quoted two amounts. One from Wish and One from Vodafone. Vodafone quoted over £5,800 and Wish wants an additional £6051K. Both are payable under the terms and conditions. For us to cancel the contract we would pay more then if we just let it run to the end.

    Our phones are Blackberry Curve 920 and although the phones are all over two years old now, they want to charge £250 for each handset to cover the cost of the equipment.

    The detail is buried in the T&C on the back of the contract. So it looks like there is little redress.

    I am due to meet with the rep soon as they want us to sign for another two year contract. That should be an interesting meeting, she was a little aggressive when I asked about the termination.

    I would say to anyone considering Wish Communication “if you think you will need to replace your phones when they get old, don’t go with wish”

    If you complain to wish Communications you will just get ignored. complaints about wish Communications are increasing, but the T&C keep them free to continue what can only be described as “dishonest business practice”

    Don’t use Wish Communications, short term savings will cost you in the long term.

    A real legal SCAM

  17. Becky says:

    The company i work for are having the same problems with Wish and Vodafone, we have no signal or service on our vodafone phones, and are being charged in excess of £14,000 to get out of our contract early, or pay £4000 each for multiple masts to be erected in the area.
    We are going to take this to the ombudsman service. The fact that companies can do this to smaller companies which can cause us to go out of business is diabolical and needs to be stopped! Absolute con artists who have no customer service what so ever!!
    Anyone considering using Wish Communications or Vodafone i would seriously advise you not to!!!!

  18. Enraged says:

    Have tried contacting Vodafone and guess who answers their Customer Services Section? Yes you’ve probably guessed it’s Wish Communications! Any ideas were to go from there?

  19. Mr J says:

    Had exactly he same issue as everyone here. Went to he Ombudsman but because there are two companies involved in this scam (Vodafone and Wish Communications) they haven’t got a clue who to chase so gave up.

    As others have said here, avoid Wish Communications at all cost!!

    1. MJS says:

      This does not surprise me. I was fortunate that I had copies of emails received from Wish rep stating terms I had agreed to verbally despite singing their contract, but some colleagues did not have this and the Ombudsman ruled in favour of Wish – I couldn’t believe it. Wish were openly misselling and ripping businesses off and it seems they are above the law.

  20. Clare C says:

    Wish is now trading as OLIVE COMMUNICATIONS, Terrible experience with this company once we were out of contract (and even that was difficult to find out from wish communications now trading as Olive, I had to make at least 4 phone calls and no one ever gets back to you!) I then made it my mission to complain to Vodafone and get the information I needed to get away from Wish myself. Basically you need to do everything via email as when you do speak to someone they never return calls, apparanetly the only person who can help is Carlos Gittens and he is useless. If you need a pac code or want to cancel your contract, you need to email vpssalesretentions@help.vodafone.co.uk Use the email which is registered with your company, include in your email, your account no, mobile nos, your contract no including the contract no of the company registered and give a brief description of what you need.
    I did this, next day I had notification (directly from vodafone) of when we would be disconnected from Wish Communcations.
    Gone direct with Vodafone now, so much easier.