UberTwitter Has Released Beta 6 Twitter Client

Yes folks, UberTwitter has now made available the latest version of their Twitter client version Beta 6 and with the new version comes quite a few changes reports an article over on crackberry; with some changes which have apparently been highly requested.

So here we go with those changes…with UnberTwitter Beta 6 you can now create, subscribe, add members, view members and delete; you can search people just like you do on the Twitter home page; there is a new icon, the Uber Bar is a tad on top of the screen that enables the user to add their own tabs.

Also the user can now retweet, update their Twitter profile from your handset, report any spam, now features Twitter geo-tagging; has a friend picker whereby you type ‘@’ and a list pops up; you can now make longer tweets with TwitLonger; get larger avatars by clicking on a profile image and you can email the larger version.

Then there’s the option of timeline layout whereby you can choose the original bar layout or a bubble layout; integration with WhatTheTrend for explanations of trending topics; a re-worked network connection logic, and a small blue tick now denotes verified users in the timeline.

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