Exchange Bug Fixed in Palm Pre and Pixi with WebOS

Apparently Palm has now released firmware update for the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi handsets; however the webOS update doesn’t really include any new features or wow factor.

According to an article over on engadget mobile, webOS is an ultra-minor update for users of the Palm Pixi and Pre which has been pushed out to the devices.

The main point of the update appears to be a fix a critical bug which cleared all calendar events after the user synced to an Exchange account.

Other than that there’s not much else and hence the ‘.1’ on the end; still one should grab the update while one can, so go get it.


6 thoughts on “Exchange Bug Fixed in Palm Pre and Pixi with WebOS”

  1. Dylan says:

    I bought a Palm Pre during the first couple of days of Nov 2009. Since then I’ve had to go back into the store I bought it from a total of three times now. Phone stopped working all together, touch screen froze completely, received call but could not hear the person on the other line etc…. Today I woke up to find that my phone is frozen again, out of the blue. I understand that it’s a first generation phone but it shouldn’t have all the problems that it does. Did I mention that they exchanged it before so this is my second Palm Pre? I’m done with it. Don’t want to get a Black Berry so might switch over and get an iphone instead. I was such a critic of the iphone but I guess I’m gonna have to join the army.

  2. Rob says:

    Dylan’s situation is a surprise to me. I own one and so does my son. He’s not as careful as I am with handling his (drops it, has scratched the touch screen as a result) but we love our phones and wouldn’t switch from them. On my phone I have 2 exchange accounts, 2 Gmail and a POP3. It handles them effortlessly. I’ve handled a BB to setup email for a friend, Don’t want on either! Good luck Dylan!

  3. steve says:

    I haven’t had any of these issues on my Pre. I couldn’t be happier, and I’m very crtical of everything.

    It’s wonderful as a phone, the OS is wonderful.
    All the apps I really need.

    My ONLY issues are with battery life, the synergy imporing the addresses of every e-mail ever sent in gmail into my contacts.

    A battery can be purchased to at least double battery life.

    Now, I had a similar issue to yours with my Palm Centro. I have yet to have my Pre lock up, but my centro would reboot almost at random, would lock up.. etc, yet I know others who did not have these issues. Perhaps you should ask for a new phone.

    As a PHONE, there is no comparison between the pre and the iphone. This phone is the best voice phone I’ve owned.

  4. Nick says:

    Had a Palm since Nov – love it. Tossed my iphone to the dog.

    Not had any issues with Pre or webos – updates keep on coming. Roll on Paid apps and Flash – Game changing

  5. pavy415 says:

    I have gotten the palm pre in november I thought it will be an excellent phone. First use was ok but after looking at it’s laggyness it’s constant freezing and constantly going and getting a replacement pre due to it stoped working is bad. Even with patches installed it makes the phone slower! Web browsing is not reliable constant checker board freezing. Palm pre is not what I expected it to be also no video recording but homebrew makes up for it.

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