Google Nexus One is only an Android at Heart

Today the 5th of January 2010 Google will hold their press conference in Mountain View, where hopefully it will be all about the much hyped Google phone, the Nexus One. There have been numerous hands-on reviews and videos hit the net since Google employees first got hold of the phone, and now we have a full on review hit the internet.

The guys over at engadget have now got hold of the latest Android smartphone and have given the Nexus One a full on review, although they do stipulate that the model they acquired is a production unit and thus things could well change.

Basically though there’s nothing really new to add to what has already been said previously except the guys feel that the design of the Nexus One puts it in good stead to stand against the likes of the iPhone 3GS, Motorola Droid and Palm’s Pre and Pixi.

The main point is that the Nexus One is fast, but they say it’s not that much of a leap from the Droid. There is also some downside with the display when used in bright light and the reds and oranges seem over saturated which is quite common with AMOLED displays.

They go on to state that the Nexus One isn’t that dramatically different to other GSM handsets, and the Android OS isn’t that much different to the Droid Android OS. They finalise their review with the Google Nexus One is just another Android smartphone, albeit a good one.


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