Android 2.1 dead cert for Magic Milestone and Hero

Andy Rubin caused a little of a commotion at last night’s Nexus One conference. When he quite clearly announced that everyone will be getting Android 2.1 when it is open source.

This is likely to be in the next few days. It is like music to your ears of Android early adopters everywhere but having said that according to other sources not all of thr previous handsets will reap the benefit.

What is clear though is that both the HTC Magic and the HTC Hero will be going straight away 2.1 without anything in between. The Magic also gets the benefit of the HTC Sense custom UI that’s according to some.

The HTC Dream or G1 however, isn’t so lucky and wont be able to cope with the 3D graphics so will stay put at Cupcake version 1.5. The Motorola Milestone will be the next to get Android 2.1 but there isn’t as yet any confirmation as to whether the next DEXT will benefit also. Source – pocket-lint.com