iPhone App Store will stay ahead of competition

Apple’s iPhone still has the advantage with more than 100,000 applications and 3 billion downloads from its App Store.

Officially announced yesterday, the Nexus One has been called by Google a Superphone and one which the company really hopes will expand the Android market and slow down the momentum of Apple’s iPhone.

Not according to Mark Moskowitz of J P Morgan he said that the iPhone App Store will keep ahead of its peers. He also commented that mobile apps help to define the user experience and as customer now use their smartphones for voice, email, games, music, internet and more, as the market leader in terms of their apps Apple definitely has a distinct advantage.

Apple’s App Store has more than 100k apps, while Android currently offers just 20K. The Apple iPhone is available in 77 countries whereas Android devices are only available in 48 countries. Source- appleinsider.com

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