CES 2010: Worlds First Seal Cell waterproof mobile

When you think you’ve heard it all about what’s going to turn up at CES 2010 here’s something else and believe me this is something else.

Now all of us smartphone users out there no fully well that it would be a good idea to put them in the dishwasher with your dinner plates would it?

Well to fill that missing link hole whatever you wish to call it in the market Seal Shield has launched it’s new Seal Cell a waterproof mobile that offers something that other mobiles don’t. the ability to be washable and antimicrobial.

Regular cleaning of your mobile in the sink or dishwasher can help to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria says Seal Shield making this mobile an ideal one especially for any OCD germ wary sufferers. You may well laugh but here’s a statistic that may wipe the smile away, a mobile phone generally carries 25,000 germs per square inch which is 500 times more than the average toilet. Source – pocket-lint.com


One thought on “CES 2010: Worlds First Seal Cell waterproof mobile”

  1. Cool phone. I need one of these. My first phone died when it got wet in rain. It never worked any finally had to throw it.

    What about the camera and other features..any details?

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