Nexus One Google Guide: Managing notifications

Another Google orientated Nexus One guide for your perusal, this time a guide to managing notifications on the latest Android superphone for anyone who is new to using the Android operating system.

I’m fairly sure most know what notifications are so I won’t go into detail on them, but apps which actively produce notifications are the likes of Gmail, and GoogleTalk which have their own notifications which you can configure.

So to open the notifications panel you simply slid down the status bar or press menu and touch ‘Notifications’ and you will be presented with a screen showing your wireless provider along with any current notifications.

If you wish to reply to a notification, open the notifications panel and touch the notification which you wish to reply too. To clear all notification simply touch the ‘clear’ button, and all event based notifications will be cleared while ongoing ones will remain.

To shut the notifications panel simply drag it back up to the top or press the ‘Back’ button; also when you respond to a notification the notifications panel will auto-close, and that’s all there is to it.

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