Apple iPhone War: Vodafone, O2, Tesco and Orange

Staying in touch seems to becoming easier and easier although more complicated as providers race to cash in on the iPhone phenomenon.

In just eight days Orange and Tesco provide a smartphone option and Vodafone joins 02. Great news, well it is but it does make it harder to pick out the contracts which are better value for money.

Tesco offers a 12 month contract but this means that the short term deal is very expensive at £320 for a 16GB iPhone 3GS or £407 for the 32GB version. However it is the only operator to offer a 12 month option.

02 and Orange offer 16GB handsets for just £87.11 and £87 respectively on a two year contract and charge £34.26 a month for 600 minutes of airtime and 500 texts. Vodafone offers a 24 month option with a free 16GB handset but the monthly rate is £45 dearer but includes unlimited texts and 1,200 minutes of airtime. Source – mirror.co.uk


3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone War: Vodafone, O2, Tesco and Orange”

  1. James says:

    I have a iPhone 3GS 32G on orange
    I have had it for. About 2 months
    and had no probs I have spent about £150 on apps
    orange is the top network because of the tmobile merge and has the capacity for the network traffic which 02 found out when they started the iPhone there network was under strain
    I don’t think that tesco have the network capacity and a very weak 3G service and don’t support EDGE
    vodaphone are used to high usage becuase of the nokia n97
    also orange covers 93% of the uk and is the strongest 3g network
    i am currently on the iPhone 75 tarrif on orange and it’s perfect. I think that orange will lead the iPhone in the future sure it’s not the cheapest network but the most reliable.

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