Email Confirmation: Google does not own NexusOne.com Domain

We hear at phonesreview.co.uk received an email stating that Google does not own NexusOne.com, this email came via someone called Giles Barron and the below message is from global domain market place Sedo.

Apparently Google has not acquired the key web address NexusOne.com, this domain name was apparently recorded to be first registered in 1998 to a private individual. Now not too sure if this is all true because when you click the link above it goes off to www.ayalapropertiesonline.com and AltamiraFinishes.com, so to me is this an email just for advertisement or what.

We will let you judge for yourself what you think about the email we recieved.

This is what the email said:

Hi Mark

I thought you might be interested in comment below from global domain market place Sedo who has identified that Google has not acquired key web address, NexusOne.com. The domain name is recorded to be first registered in 1998 to a private individual.

Nora Nanayakkara, Director of Business Development, Sedo comments: “Domain names are an essential channel to market for companies, especially when it comes to new product launches and branding. A comprehensive domain portfolio plays a crucial part both in consumer marketing and brand awareness. As Google are offering handsets directly to consumers, they will need to carefully assess how they can use direct navigation domain names in ensuring positive uptake of the device, as neglecting to fully utilize the type-in traffic of domain names means they will potentially miss out on large volumes of consumers looking for information on the new handset.”

“Domain names can reveal a great deal about product development plans from major companies. For example, Apple seems to have taken a step in the right direction with its pre-emptive purchase of the web address iSlate.com, but this has created a flurry of online speculation that this may be the name of an upcoming product – something Apple may not have intended to do. A pre-planned and well executed online brand management campaign will help organisations maximise the success of a new launch without giving away any future developments.”

Best regards,

Giles Barron

About Sedo

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