How to buy your Google Nexus One Phone Guide

Yesterday was all about the all new HTC branded Google Nexus One Android powered phone, yes it was officially confirmed and many of you are pretty excited about getting one. Well here is a quick “How to buy your Google Nexus One Phone Guide”.

Just click this link right here (www.google.com/phone) which will take you to the Nexus One landing page, on this page you will see a very nice image of the device itself plus links to follow such as: Take the 3D tour, Technical specifications.

If you already have the phone then you can click the following links on the website, these links are: Activate my phone, Track my order, Get help.

Anyway to get your hands on the Nexus One just click the “Get Your Phone” Tab which will take you here, this will ask you “What would you like” and the following options apply: On this page you can only click the $529.00 option.

Nexus One Phone $529.00: Buy the phone without service and insert your own SIM card. Includes a Nexus One phone case, wall charger, and USB cable. Free shipping in the continental US.

The other options which you cannot tick include:

T-Mobile option for $179.00 which is the Even More Individual 500 Plan, which is on a two-year contract. This page also shows Verizon Wireless, The Nexus One Phone with Verizon Wireless service. Coming soon in the United States 2010. It also shows Vodafone, the Nexus One Phone with Vodafone wireless service. Coming soon to Europe 2010.

So seeing as there is only one option at the moment which is the $529.00 after you have clicked that scroll to the bottom and click continue, here you will see a cool page where you can engrave your phone. You can personalize your Nexus One; all you need to do is type it once and check it twice. Keep in mind, be sure you do this correct because once the phone is engraved you cannot return it. Engraved phones will ship within 72 hours of placing your order. (You can skip this step if you wish). Once you have chosen what you want engraved click continue.

Login to your Google Account. The Google Phone Webstore handles purchases through Google Checkout. To purchase your Nexus One, sign in with your Google Account. Don’t have Checkout? Sign in, and we’ll help you add it to your Google account.

Then just follow these on-screen instructions, it is all very easy, have fun and please let us know when you have your very own Nexus One.


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  1. Jainish says:

    Hi this is Jainis Here from India, is it available in India or how can i buy it where can i find it in india. and if i am giving order on net then what are facilities available in india near my residence so i can also provided survices.

  2. Mudab says:

    Hi this is Mudab from Africa, how can i purchase one and is there any possibility i can book online and paid the same through card, would you provide me details

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