Google Nexus One gets torn down

Well that didn’t take long, right after Google unveiled and launched their latest Android superphone the Nexus One, the guys over at ifixit decided to shell out the $530 to purchase the handset and then set about ripping it apart to see what its made of.

So what did the Nexus One teardown reveal? Well the Google superphone has a Samsung branded OLED display, that Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processor we’ve all heard about, and also an 802.11n WiFi chip by Broadcom.

And that’s about all the interesting stuff inside the Nexus One superphone, but we do know how much you like to see the latest mobile device taken apart and shared over the internet.

Basically all that stuff inside means the Nexus One is a fairy powerful and fast smartphone, but of course we don’t recommend you try to rip your own $530 Nexus One apart for pleasure.