Pong Mobile Case reduces radiation for BlackBerry

For those of you out there that are still concerned as to the amount of radiation emitted by your mobile phones then this is something that will impress you for sure.

A new mobile phone case is available from Pong Research which reduces radiation being beamed into your head by around 60%. The device at the moment is only designed to be used with the BlackBerry Curve but if it proves popular then there is the likelihood that it will be available for other phones.

The case has been under development for some time now, but was officially shown off at CES 2010 where people were left slightly baffled behind the science of the device. The basics of the case involve the inclusion of an embedded secondary antennae.

The best feature of the case is that it doesn’t compromise your reception as it is not shielding or dampening the radiation instead it sends it off in a more useful and less damaging direction. Source – top10.co.uk

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