South Africa not certain on getting Nexus One Phone

The Nexus One from Google as we know will be available in the US and in Europe, but according to an article over on mybroadband, it appears that if you live in South Africa you will not be able to purchase the Google Nexus One superphone.

Apparently any South African that attempts to buy the Nexus One from the Google website receives a message which states that the Nexus One phone is not available in your country.

However, Vodacom has apparently confirmed that Vodafone’s agreement with Google takes in all Vodafone geographies and includes South Africa, although Vodacom also stated they expect specific country details will be announced in due course.

No guarantees that South Africa will gain the Nexus One then, the UK will see the Nexus One in a few weeks but as for other countries, the Nexus One will be introduced over the year.


3 thoughts on “South Africa not certain on getting Nexus One Phone”

  1. Herman says:

    Although Nexus One Phone will not appear in South Africa, can I buy the Nexus One Phone outside and use it in South Africa. The phone system can support the network?

  2. Muzi says:

    this sucks!

    I’ve been wanting to upgrade my blackberry 8800 and i thought nexus one would be ideal. i hope vodafone can get it for vodacom then I’ll be able to get it thru vodacom.

    anyway will see what happens!