Google Nexus One infringes sci-fi writers novel

The Google Nexus One superphone is already raising some controversy due to what Google decided to name their latest Android packing device, namely Nexus One. Famed author, Philip K. Dick’s family have stated Google have infringed on the author’s copyright on his science fiction novel Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sleep?

The Philip K. Dick creation was later turned into cult movie Blade Runner, and in both the movie and the novel the android characters are known as Nexus 6 models, and this is where the contention comes in, reports an article on Hindustan times.

Apparently the late author’s daughter has stated that the connection between her father’s novel and the Google superphone is highlighted by the fact that the Nexus One runs the Android OS.

My view of this is Google basically only infringe on the word Nexus, the Android OS doesn’t really have anything to do with it what so ever. However, being a writer myself, I though I would look into this infringement thing and see if I could come up with something.

According to the US Copyright Office, via here, “titles, names, short phrases, and slogans” are “generally not eligible for federal copyright protections.” So as Nexus could be classed as a “short phrase” perhaps Google hasn’t infringed, I could be wrong though.


One thought on “Google Nexus One infringes sci-fi writers novel”

  1. Tom Begg says:

    I’m afraid the word Nexus is in common use, used by companies in their name, magazine titles and medical terms. The dictionary defines it as a link in a network or series.

    Chasing this to get a little extra cash is like double arched McDonalds going to Scotland and trying to close down shops called MacDonald’s.

    Nexus? I would have it thrown out the courts as spurious and flippant, but American judges seem to be quite stupid when they think the U S of A public needs to be told hot coffee is hot.