Video: Google Nexus One Compared to iPhone

Obviously now that the Nexus One superphone is available it was inevitable that someone would make a video which compared Google’s latest Android device against the iconic iPhone, and would you believe the first question asked was is the Nexus One the iPhone killer.

In the video below, CBS tech correspondent Daniel Sieberg talks about the Nexus One and its features and also compares it to the iPhone and says “this is really a truly Google phone.”

Basically the main differences they come up with between the Nexus One and iPhone is price, carrier, camera and battery life which the Nexus One wins on all counts apparently, although Sieberg does say that the Nexus One doesn’t have iTunes and content can be king.

He also boils it down to a battle between Google and Apple over the dollar and advertising and so both are going at it big time; that’s it so hit up the video below and enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Video: Google Nexus One Compared to iPhone”

  1. Yes I am watching with interest to see if Gogle can knock a dent in Apple.

    I think Google have so far succeeded in creating a lot of hype for something that doesn’t seem to be much better than an iphone? A superphone? I don’t think so, just Google hype…

  2. Kaffeguy says:

    I don't know if it is a hype or not. Having both, I prefer using "android 2.2" over the iphone. Since I purchased the Evo 4G, I have not used my iphone at all. Apple needs to start catching up with "Android" and even apple computers, with the new stuff Microsoft is working on they need to start developing. I've been an apple fa since the 1980's but now with Windows 7 and what I have read from the CES 2011 reviews on Microsoft. Soon this house hold will be all Microsoft.

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