Xperia X2 and Nokia N97 Mini Problems with UK Operators

Apparently Vodafone UK and Orange UK are having problems with a couple of smartphones as according to an article over on mobile today, Orange UK have now stopped offering the Nokia N97 Mini due to resulting high returns.

On the Vodafone UK front, apparently Vodafone has halted the launch of the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2, and a spokesperson for Sony Ericsson has confirmed that Vodafone will not offer the XPERIA X2 in the United Kingdom.

The reason, the spokesperson said was extended testing of the XPERIA X2 meant the delivery date slipped and thus no longer fits with Vodafone UK’s planned portfolio.

As for Orange UK and the Nokia N97 Mini, Orange had declined to comment on exactly why they have dumped the Nokia N97 Mini, but a spokesperson for Orange UK has confirmed Orange will no longer stock the handset as part of their portfolio.

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