FCC Chairman Comments on Verizon ETF at CES 2010

Not too long ago the FCC Commissioner stated that Verizon Wireless’ response over their high Early Termination Fee raised more questions, and now according to a report on Yahoo, The Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Julius Genachowski seems to agree.

Genchowski added his weight behind his Commissioner by saying that Verizon Wireless needs to explain more clearly their policies on fees for customers who cancel their mobile services before their contract expires.

The US regulator is investigating Verizon Wireless’s doubling of their ETF taking it to $350. While at CES 2010, Glenchowski told reporters “I thought that response raised more questions than it answered. The bureau is looking into that.”

Glenchowski also said that “There’s a very real level of consumer confusion around these areas,” but declined to comment on what the FCC will do next.