Motorola & Palm to get 10.1 Flash Support

Although Apple doesn’t seem to see the need to add support for Adobe Systems’ Flash multimedia software to a smartphone, that is not the opinion of others.

Some major manufacturers do, and they are now looking to release the required software updates very soon. Palm and Motorola are among the handset makers that are pretty much certain that this is something that users will want to gain access to a wider range of web content from their phones.

Both companies are planning to add Flash Support to their smartphones very soon and this was confirmed by executives at the CES 2010 in Las Vegas. Flash 10.1 was announced by Adobe last year, and it was commented that handsets from as many as 19 manufacturers would ship with the software already pre loaded.

Motorola’s BackFlip Android device was announced Wednesday and at the same time the CEO of Motorola’s handset business announced that the company was I the process of readying software updates that would include Flash 10.1 support. Adobe also stated that they are working with Google to fit the Nexus One with Flash Support.
Source – topnews.in